About Us

“I collected coins ever since I was a kid, more often than not picking things like Indian head cents, 90% silver coins, and wheat cents out of my parents’ change. After I got my first job in high school, I started visiting local coin shops and coin shows to buy scarcer, more expensive coins. Eventually, I started traveling to larger national coin shows like the FUN show in Orlando, FL, and realized that I had learned enough about coins to be able to buy underpriced coins and resell them so that I could fuel my own collection. While I was a student at UIUC, I spent many of my weekends hanging out at the Gold Nugget coin shop and learned even more from John and Mary Lydia Hadley, the store owners. I remember finding both Philadelphia and Denver 1942/1 overdate dimes in 90% while helping sort silver coins in that shop. In 2014, after I started my Ph.D. program at Cornell University, I decided that I wanted to start Numismatically Yours in my apartment to help supplement my income. Since then, the company has evolved into its current form and continues to evolve.” -Mark Obstalecki, Founder and Owner

Numismatically Yours operates out of Coactive LLC, located in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Coactive LLC is a collaborative workspace and small business incubator meant to foster economic development in the Yellow Springs community.

We sell many varieties of rare U.S. coins, including early small and large cents, silver dollars, gold coins, and various key dates. All our coins are available for purchase at our eBay store.

We specialize in early U.S. coins. However, we also purchase and sell paper currency, foreign coins, tokens, ancient currency, and commemorative coins. We also buy and sell bullion, including gold, silver, and platinum.